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Last updated  17/06/2017

  Potteries Vintage & Classic Car Club

April 2017

April Sun Showers

Where has all the lovely sunshine come from? Now is a wonderful time with the spring flowers appearing and the trees budding showing the new green leaves which are that special colour at this time of the year. Out in your cars roof down and engines bursting into life if you have remembered to tax them! The events calendar is out and we are ready for a new season. Mothers’ Day when we get the ladies in our lives to go to car shows. The first of these was Foxfield Railway when several members turned out and some of us went on to the George & Dragon at Meaford for lunch. The pub is very obliging and we are not rushed about. This encourages us to continue to go there and our next event on the 23rd April on “Drive it Day”. Meet at 10.30 outside the old gates at Trentham Gardens and then drive to Fletcher’s Garden centre at Eccleshall for morning coffee.  (About 11.15) After this we will  go on  to the George & Dragon for lunch . I have provisionally booked 18 places but let me know numbers if you wish to come.

The  following weekend(30th April)  Catton Hall or you may have booked  for Llandudno Transport Festival .   May 1st Monday is Gawsworth Hall or Rushall Show and May 7th Middleton Show but you will have to pay and nothing much there! The 14th May Mill Meece or Apedale (Just turn up)

As a reminder for those who are interested the 3rd Sunday  of each month a meeting at the  BOAR HOLE  Cafe Stone for cars and Motorbikes (27th May  next meet). Quite good not to be missed if you are not booked anywhere else. As I sit here at Weston Park writing this  at Easter  the weather is not too bad and I am glad to be here. However numbers are down and  our Club stand was down on numbers.

Over the last few weeks I have been busy welding the Morris 1000 which is a never ending task like Forth Bridge Painting. Where do you stop or do you jump off in the middle ? I am just getting there with the  door shut.  The Austin Clifton does not run, The Range Rover  had no brakes. The Marina will not start. No problems you understand. I heard that soon no  MOT will be needed for 40 year old cars. Perhaps this may present more problems. You must have some so let us know for the news letter

                            See you soon DAVE

Editor’s Note

                      I was disappointed with Weston Park even though the weather was better than the forecast Not so many cars not so many stalls but perhaps it will get better. I notice that the word vintage is not being used  in many shows as they are all “Classic”. I over heard a conversation at Weston about what kind of cars were eligible for our Club but were assured almost anything except newly registered. We used to have a 1958 cut off but that was to exclude Minis but now no body would dream that Minis are a cult in themselves. I did notice that pre-war cars were scarce at Weston but I suppose the oldies who have them are getting Scarce! We still have to Tax our vehicles whatever their age but Rules have changed for some vehicles in April 1st 2017 This essential ly is only New Cars now but after the 1st year a minimum of  £140 will apply.In the 1st year Tax based on Co2 emissions as now. Our Club Vehicles and cars before April 1st 2017 will be as now.The only exceptions will be cars with no Co2 Emissions ie electric cars. I feel sure that some change is coming for  diesel cars but who knows what after Mrs May’s surprise Election?

                                        Get your applications in for shows as there are many “jobsworths “on the prowl at shows who will try to keep you out if no pass. Let us know of any events which are not on the calendar and let us have contributions for the Newsletter.

                                                              Happy Motoring  

Potteries Vintage and Classic car Club

June 2017

Joyous Jollies in June

                                       Summer is here and the jollies are still to come.Since last Club meeting it has been non-stop events. Starting with Mill Meece where there was a good turn-out of cars and Club Members with fine weather. It is not every rally that you can buy a pair of wooden clogs and a whirly gig washlng dryer and get smiles from everyone wondering how you will carry it home in a vintage car. Plenty of smiles when it was strapped to the wing! John Heath our resident car guru was at hand mending Merv’s Lights and then moving on to Peter Wright’s  Dynamo. A good day out with not far to travel. The following weekend (Bank Holiday) I went to Smallwood Steam Rally. I went in my Metro and whilst I think it is boring compared with my older cars I must admit that it is to many tastes very interesting  judging by the amount of photographs being taken. The weather was good and many Club Members turned up . I realise that in previous years many members  rejected Smallwood because you were “imprisoned” until 5.00pm. However this year people were packing up at 4.15 and left without trouble. The next day was Bank Holiday Monday  and quite a few members went to Rolleston on Dove. This is a wonderful  event where the whole village is opened up to the public for a “Transport Event”. There were Edwardian Motorbikes parked outside Cafes and pub car parks with vintage and classic cars displayed . A garage forecourt was filled with 60’s and 70’s Classics and even  a 1950’s Double Decker bus ferrying you round the village. You really must do this rally even though towards the end the heavens opened up and some of us were soaked . We left about  3.30 having had a great time.

           This does not happen with every Newsletter but I am writing this one on the beach in Jersey and life is just great. We had an early (7.30 am) turn out travelling through the night but it was well worth it as there was a  great on board car show as there was a veteran and vintage tour of Guernsey who were last on the ferry to be off first at that Island.There were veterans and vintage including Riley Lynx to MX 5’s and a few motorbikes

Back to more mainland shows  and even Northern Ireland where Peter Wright was braving the weather . I looked at the forecast  because it always seems to rain when I go to any part of Ireland. Some members went to Tatton Park where I believe it was good weather and a good show. The following weekend was North Rode which has a reputation for rain but it was better and I only skidded slightly  in the MGB at the gate. Saturday rain was virtually dried out on Sunday. Auto Jumble was OK and not a bad day.

 There are plenty of events over the next few weeks and I hope to go to our local show at Trentham Gardens.(18th June) .That same weekend is Astle Park another good show . A new idea for a mid week run to Longnor is on 22nd June (THURS See Editor’s Note). On  Sunday June  25th is Lullington Village Show with lovely open gardens and on the  same weekend js Kelsall Steam Rally. .Cars in the Park at Lichfield is 2nd July ( See Roy about Meeting Place).Thurs day  evening 6th July North Staffs Motor Cycle Club (Cars Welcome Moorville Hall). Sunday July 9th Draycott in the Moors Show (See Editor’s Note)  The vicar has invited those interested to St Lawrence Church Biddulph on Saturday  15th July from 11 am to 1 Pm for tea and bacon sandwiches free i at the church car park.) However the 15/16th is Middlewich  show and also Walsall

All the best Dave

Editor’s Note 9th July

                            Firstly I would like to clarify part of Dave’s arrangements above Many members cannot  attend mid week events because of their jobs but some who are retired or have flexible working hours may be interested. The Idea (on the website) was for a chip shop run on a Thursday to a good shop in Longnor starting at 11 am at Moorville Hall and return home mid afternoon, Please let Dave know if you are interested.  I would like to bring to your notice my local show at Draycott in the Moors on 9th july. It is in support of the 11th century church where many local villagers take part with fun games stalls cars tractors and much more Please put it in your diary                                  Happy Motoring GEOFF

PS Look on the Club Website for the Sentinel Article on Roy and his car The Sentinel want more members and their cars for future items.