Potteries Vintage and
Classic Car Club
The Driving Force for Old Car Nuts in north Staffordshire
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Potteries Vintage & Classic Car Museum Society

Operating as

Potteries Vintage & Classic Car Club

  The Foundation of the Club

The Potteries Vintage Car Club (Now the Potteries Vintage and Classic Car Club) is probably one of the oldest Car Clubs in the North Midlands. We can trace its origins to 1968 when Trevor Tarr a local garage owner in Fenton gathered together several old car enthusiasts with a view to forming a local car club.

Early in 1969 a meeting was called at the Trentham Hotel and a constitution drawn up. The main point of this was that cars were eligible if over 25 years old. This means that post 1944 cars were not eligible and as few cars were madeduring the war it meant that the term “Vintage” was thought suitable.

However, changes have been made over the years to bring in the term “Classic” which helps to include younger members in the club as the years go on.The Club has met at various venues since those early days and the major constitution change now means that we do not have a cut-off date so long as the car is interesting, unusual, or not current production models and should be backed by an enthusiastic owner.

Trevor Tarr was the first Chairman but Len Jones held the post for many years. In 1986 Len resigned and the members elected Dave Lack who has been re-elected since then. We must emphasise that all committee posts are open to all willing members and the present committee would welcome newcomers to put themselves for election at the AGM on March 21st at Moorville Hall Hotel and Leisure Centre (between

Weston Coyney and Cellarhead ST9 0DG). Please come along at about 8.00pm and bring your ideas for the future of the Club.

Some founder members are still members after 45 years including Trevor Jenkins and our current Treasurer Elaine Jenkins , and several others. With the help of current and future members let us look forward to at least another 45 years.

 Current Aims and Ethos of the Club

Any club is really an association of members with a common interest and should lead  to enjoyment of that common aim. You will find the members of our club are very friendly and welcome all comers. We do not insist on attendance at any event or activity but we have a wealth of experience in the best kind of enjoyable activities.

All tastes are catered for from shows, tours,  meals and fun runs. Over the years our members  have been involved in major shows, village fetes  and charity raising events. We have been on longer  trips such as the Devon Coast run and trips to the  Isle of Wight. In 2013 two vintage cars from the  Club took the ferry to Spain and drove back  through France. Every Year we have The Boxing  Day Run which ends with a meal in a pub. At  many shows we have a Club stand which is ours  exclusively and offers a friendly atmosphere with  people you will know. Even where we do not have  a specific stand a group of us together help the  safety of your car should  you decide to leave it  unattended as there is always someone who  knows you and your car around at all times. With  cherished car values at very high levels they are  increasingly attracting dishonest activity.  Whatever your car or whatever your interest to  be with like-minded people who will listen, help

and heed your troubles or offer advice. A problem shared is a problem halved. This gives a great feeling of well-being.

We produce a calendar of events each year and although you could not attend every event there is sufficient variety of choice within reasonable distance, We are always open to suggestions as to events you may know of or even for you to organise.

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